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Customers do not appear from anywhere. Instead, they are earned with ongoing efforts to promote positive online reputations to generate leads and push them through to sales. Infonic Solutions' lead generation services are helpful for B2C and B2B companies.

While sales leads are not magical, they can yield profits when used correctly. Lead generation services are a tried and true method for turning prospects into customers. The use of lead generation services can help companies explore new prospects and guide them through the sales process. Then, with the help of an efficient digital marketing team and well-managed lead generation services, the company can turn them into profit.

Producing business leads can boost an organization's profit generation instantly, making it no less than magic. However, outsourcing lead generation is considered a pragmatic solution because whipping up lead generation in-house is often costly and often ineffective.

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Lead Generation services for B2B
Lead Generation Services for B2C

Proven results for generating leads for different industries

We offer lead generation services across multiple industries, including:

Consumer Services Media



Food & Agriculture

Non-Profit Transportation and Storage Energy

Utilities & Mining

Wholesale Distribution

Government Retail Travel


Leisure Software & Internet Computers & Electronics

Education Human Resource Business Services

Real Estate & Construction


Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Manufacturing

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Lead Generation Company with 360 degree Digital Marketing

SEO for Lead Generation

As part of a planned, integrated campaign, Infonic Solutions understands the importance of telemarketing.

Google Ads

With our inbound contact center solutions, you can make the most of every opportunity.

Facebook & Instagram Promotion

The use of digital marketing to boost lead generation brings a whole new dimension to the process.

E-Mail & Re Marketing

Telemarketing agents often conduct surveys on behalf of customers. Market research and competitive intelligence can be generated using them or as an additional approach to lead generation.

Complete Funnel Creation

Customers rely on Infonic solutions to perform the time-consuming and tedious recruitment and monitoring essential to the success of their channels.

Our Lead Generation Process

With Infonic Solutions, a team of experts dedicated to lead generation, sales goals can be achieved in a competitive sales environment with revolutionary AI technology and competitive sales methodologies.

01 Understand your requirement

During the conversation, we get to understand your target audience and criteria.

02 Create a prospect persona

We create prospect personas after knowing your target group with the traits that define your perfect customer.

03 Identify your leads

We then identify leads that match the prospect criteria defined by our business development team.

04 Connect with the leads

They are then introduced to your brand and service by our sales development experts through LinkedIn or email.

05 Engage with the leads

Articles and collateral about your service are regularly posted to evoke curiosity about it.

06 Convert into qualified leads

Our team will get in touch with the qualified lead as soon as we receive it.

Lead Generation Services FAQ

In the B2B sector, lead generation services are frequently used to acquire, evaluate, and convert new leads. An individual consultant might provide these services, or a large firm with many employees might do so. A business's primary objective is to create interest in its product or service, leading to purchases.

We at Infonic Solutions understand the importance of both quantity and quality of leads in B2B lead generation. Therefore, the time spent nurturing and following up on inactive leads will be reduced, which will increase your conversion rate. Lead generation B2B companies provide all the lead generation and nurturing services.

The form of lead generation outsourcing involves hiring a third-party company to assist a company with building its sales pipeline. By completing different lead generation activities for your company, such as cold calling or advertising your products or services, you can generate potential customers for your company. It may be time to look into outsourcing lead generation if you aren't getting the results you want.

Outsourcing lead generation is a better option for B2B companies who wish to increase sales revenue than internally investing money and effort. However, B2B organizations often find it challenging to determine which business tasks are central and which can be outsourced as their business grows.

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